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  • billing

    Apart from the fact that they have the worst internet service ever, I have not received any bills since I had direct path internet installed. I also had direct tv installed at same time and I receive my bills by mail and email notifications and I am current with my bills. At some point I tried contacting direct path to say I have not received any bills and I still did not get any response. As such, my service has been disconnected and which has conveniently disconnected my tv service as well. After contacting direct tv with the error code, they give me directpath number to request a service... More...
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  • disconnected service

    I am current on my direct Tv bill which comes directly out my account. my services were disconnected today for inside wire protection which i cancelled last year.talked to 3 reps who all had a different version of why i am requested to pay 90 dollars to get my services restored. one rep went as far to say i never cancelled.Another said my bill is so high because i was charges 15 dollars a month in late fees. i did a conference call with direct tv and direct path and that rep had anothr version. More...
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  • Scam, Fraud

    I called last week to get an issue corrected and now it's been a week. I've been lied to by supervisors andstaff. I'm curious to why direct tv has any affiliation with Direct Path. I had to pay twice for receivers which i thought was totally unfair. I also had numerous supervisors lie and shift the blame on direct tv. I need to speak with someone who is in charge and can speak English. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Not the package I ordered

    I ordered the most expensive package that came with a DVR and On Demand movies plus up to 4 hd receivers. I got 1 hd reciever and 1 regular receiver. I told the installer it was wrong and they said no problem call the office and they can fix it. I called the next day and am now being told after many phone calls that I am locked in to a 2 year contract and will have to pay several $100 dollars to get a dvr and on demand. My initial sales person barely spoke english and had a very thick accent I kept asking her questions but she could only refer me to the package online. I warok in the... More...
  • Service Set up

    I am buying a condo and wanted to set up service but the prices you are trying to charge me are way over what DirectTV is charging. I would rather not have service than to be ripped off by DirecPath. As soon as I close on my condo I am going to work hard to get on the board and get you all thrown out of servicing our condo. This is bad business to tick off brand new potential customers because you feel we have no other choice. WELL YOU ARE WRONG!!! I have a choice and I choose nothing from your company until you treat me with respect in your customer services policies and pricing. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Crap Service

    I have been forces to use this company for 3 years now. About I year ago I was heaving trouble with my service. The only way they claimed they can help is if I pay this "optional" $19.50 3 times during the year and a technician can help you. After I got of the phone I called Direct TV. They obviosly have the brains because they were able to help me fix the issue myself. So I stopped paying for that optional fee because I was not using it. Those jerks sent me to a collection agency and cancelled my service in June. Mind you I have been paying my monthly cable on time if not... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • denied refund

    Overpayment: Seeking a refund I interacted with employee #PH055937: i recently overpaid my bill on a debit card and asked for a refund. 5 minutes had not passed from realizing this and requesting the refund. I was told it would be 60 days for the refund to appear in my account. I requested a supervisor. I was told I could not speak to a supervisor because they could not authorize a more rapid refund. I requested a supervisor 8 times, and had only begun counting when I realized there was never any intention of transferring me. I let them know I was counting by saying this is my fifth... More...
  • receiver box

    have placed multiple tickets, on dec 10, 12 and 16th of 2012 regarding a receiver box that when replaced was taken by the technician. it has yet to be returned to directtv. i received one call back from corporate on dec 30, 2012 from beverly in which the call was disconnected by beverly but on the system was logged as i disconnected. she was rude and stated that she had spoken to the technician and he did not take it and is aware of the procedure. i was present when he replaced and took the old receiver and would like further follow up as i have no reason to keep a box i do not know... More...
  • internet unusable

    This is a reoccuring issue every day. when people are home during weekends and peak hours after work the internet is so slow it is unusable. Below I have pasted in a traceroute and ping to yahoo.com showing typical situation where browsing even basic websites does not work. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. ping -t yahoo.com Pinging yahoo.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=1078ms TTL=47 Reply from bytes=32 time=1022ms TTL=47 Reply from... More...
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  • Service Call

    My complaint: Cheryl is the CSR and her rep number is: 29446. I already wrote an email to William Dodd. I have his direct email address through an online program that I use for business. Cheryll and the rest of the DirectPath team seem to think that when they here that the customer is from an "apt community" that they are some hourly worker who can't afford a house. SAdly, they do not realize that executives rent condos, town homes, and aprtments when they are working in another state on a regular basis. My position is a VP role and I treated her with respect, she should have... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • bad customer service

    I have been trying to get direct path installed in my apartment for the last 2 weeks. After being fed up with direct path customer service I looked for another internet/cable provider and could only use direct path due to citigate apartments only allowing direct path. The first week the customer service reps called me 4 times on separate days asking me to repeat my information because they failed to keep track. The second week the reps had no record of my installation that was scheduled the night before. Not only is customer service rude, some of the representatives are difficult to... More...
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  • Multiple Service Outages

    We have internet through DirecPath since we moved here in May. We intitially had the solver package, but it was very slow and the router needed to be unplugged and reset at lease once per week. It stopped working altogether, which is a probem since I work form home, and they couldn't come for three days and they missed the appointment the initially scheduled, which I canceled meetings to be available for. They came and replaced the router and I upgraded to Gold to see if that would help the service. Only a month later, it stopped working again and the easliest the tech can come and... More...
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  • traffic shaping speeds slower than dialup

    I was forced to use this iso since moving in to emerald palms 33186. The day they installed the internet the latency was at 250ms to yahoo.com, every third or fourth ping the latency jumps to over 500ms. I cannot use my voyage phone service due to traffic shaping. Netflix streaming breaks up on the lowest quality settings. HBOGo.com streaming service is unwatchable. I cannot play eve online or wow due to latency. I cannot use citrix to connect to my office for work due to latency and packet loss. The only traffic that seems to work is web browsing. Anything else does not work or is shaped... More...
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  • Breach of Security

    On 4/4, I tried to pay my DirecPath Internet bill online. I received an error message alerting me that my account had been deactivated. I called customer service. Through my conversation with the rep, we found out that my condo building has two units with the same unit number: # 406 and PH 406 (short for penthouse). These are two separate units within the same building and are not related in any way. I live in #406. My account was incorrectly listed under PH 406. I was told that PH #406 called to cancel their service on 3/29. Instead, my account was cancelled. The rep called the... More...
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  • Poor Poor Poor Service

    Have directpath cable and internet after 3 mnthes of service being to high called to remove internet and problems started bill got even higher tv got blocked called back and was told to pay 107.00 call on that friday to pay told 4 days to set up called back after being yelled at by super nikki are mikki want give last name was told she put a block on service and i had to pay 305.00 called back two days later was told 415.00 and the 107.00 was a mistake by a super then was told pay 203.00 for deposit for equipment call direct tv after seein ad of no deposit no equipment fee and now told by... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • no tv service

    I owed them money on my internet bill. The reason I owed them is they refused to credit my account for outages, many many outages. I canceled the service. they never sent me a closing itemized bill. They service DIRECT TV in our complex and they shut my satellite off and refuse to turn it on until I pay the internet account in full plus a 50 dollar hook up fee. Keep in mind I have been paying DIRECT TV directly for the past 2 years for my TV service, not direcpath. I can not get cable at theese appartments or I would switch. More...
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  • Poor ISP Qualtiy of Service

    Quality of Service is a concept that includes many facets of an internet connection. Download rate is one, latency is another. They are part of the larger picture that creates a perception of speed. I pay for the Edge Platinum 6mbps tier, but it does not feel like high speed internet. The download rate is wildly inconsistent and varies by as much as 80% of the rate cap. The latency of my connection is also wildly inconsistent hovering around 80ms but jumping as high as 500ms every few seconds. This great variance destroys any possible perception of speed. The customer support will... More...
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    I don;t even have you guys installed yet and you're already a headache..One of your supervisors, Sarah is the worst ever..i havent had service for 6 days and she tells me its another 3 days before a technician comes out there..I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH COMCAST.why are you guys treating customers this poorly? its astonishing how rude sarah is..and she's a supervisor..what kind of company are you..i will be sure to contact the better business bureau.. More...
    (Cable TV)

    I recently started my service with DirecPath July 26th of 2010. The problem started when I was waiting for the tech to install the service. I had was told he would be there around 2:00pm. I took off work for 3 hours to be able to meet with him. After patiently waiting untill 4:00pm, I called DirecPath to hear that he was running late and would not be here untill 5:00pm. I deicde to wait untill 5:30, I call again and am told the tech was still running late and he would not be there untill 7:00pm. I decide to wait even longer, very mad with the service so far. The tech did not show up to my... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Setup Service

    First when you call you get a poor english speaker who learned the lang from idiot101 book with missing pages. They all come from the Philipines. I moved into a APT Complex (royal st.george, wpb Florida)which is contracted with this horrible Directpath aka Directv. Supposely each apt complex has a different package even if it's across the street. Apt office has these phamplets that give 3 different package price, but when you call to set up the prices are not honored and then they won't listen, won't shut up for a sec because they were not taught to listen to the CUSTOMER!!!... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Refund Request

    Had an issue since july 11, 2009 and the issue is not resolved. I was first told that i would receive a resolution in 24 to 48 hours, then a week. I kept calling back, finally asking for a supervisor who told me she would document the problem and send to billing and i would hear from them. I found my way to billing and left a message..no return phone call. I called back to customer service only to get the same story from another supervisor. Still no updates. called back today to find out the status.....supervisor was going to issue a ticket and forward to billing..why? when tickets... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Your Error = My Collection Notice

    I'm contacting any phone number and email address I can find for your company. I canceled my service on June 6, 2009. I've since received 4 bills and spoken with 5 different people regarding this account. You didn't stop billing. You didn't resolve my calls. You put me into collections. I will be taking legal action if this isn't resolved in the next 5 business days. Christopher Bradley cbradley@doubledome.com 404.731.4789 More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Failure to Respond to Numerous Complaints

    I have made several complaints about improper billing, failure to respond to inquiries, failure to begin actions, and unresponsive websites. Despite numerous telephone calls and email inquiries, DirecPath continues to limit their response actions to whatever authority that the company gives the customer service department (which is precious little). If you ask for phone numbers for accounting or the head office, customer service tells you that they do not have this information and no way to get this information. In a recent email, I threatened to file a complaint with the Better Business... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • No TV Again

    Thanks to a storm, cable and internet have been knocked out. Internet came back at 4:20 but no cable. I have been without reliable cable for 4 of the last 5 weeks and after 4 service calls the problem still exists. I was told they are working their way through the complex but that I have to just wait and see if they can bring it back. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • I've Called and Called with no Response

    I just moved into a new apartment and was told that I had to get my internet and TV from Direcpath. Had I been smart enough to review the comments online BEFORE signing my contract, I'd of been a lot better off. First of all, they have HORRIBLE customer service. I understand companies outsource but if there is a disconnect between the US base and the call center in the Philippines, then someone needs to work to resolve the issues. Communication is key in all forms of business and in helping customers have a pleasant experience. I am highly disappointed at the level of customer service... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Poor Customer Service

    I can't believe as a potential new customer you would allow your Philippine reps to be on the front-line of your service calls. These are pure idiots you have attempting to service customers. On two ph calls this evening one lasting more than 30 minutes until I got so frustrated with the incompetent rep that I hung up. When calling back and requesting a Supr. the same rep attempted to fool me into believing she was a diff person. Even I had enough sense to know better I then got Ana who claimed to be a supr. Again I noted my frustration with her and she did not have enough cust... More...
    (Cable TV)


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