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  • Extremely poor customer service

    I experienced the worst customer service I have ever received. For 2 weeks in a row, my receiver has been down with error 775. I called Direct-Path to report the issue again and to schedule a technician visit. They tell me that they can only provide a 4 hr window. The previous time a technician came they gave a schedule time from 8 am - 12pm. My fiancee had to talk 1/2 of work and stay home. The technician didn't come until 11:45 am. We wasted 4 hrs of our WORKING DAY waiting for a technician to come fix something that wasn't even our fault. Now, for a 2nd week in a row I'm... More...
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  • unethical

    I am also having issues with Direct Path. I already had direct tv so you will believe I will have a smooth process. No currently being here over 6 weeks I only have one room working . I have had 6 techs come out to my place. The first tech only insulted one room stating my boxes were too old. 2nd tech showed up at the wrong location. 3rd tech came and stated there nothing he can do. 4th tech was a no show. 5th tech came last night without the boxes. Now its saturday and I am waiting on the 6th tech. I love Direct TV been customer since 2001 but this deal with direct path is the worst. the... More...
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  • They rip you off

    http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4659134434 We are paying for 10Mbps and above you can see we are getting under 1Mbps. We did have close to 8Mbps at one point, but it starts to get slower and slower. They want you to call them to send a tech out so they can charge you $60 extra. Avoid moving into an apartment complex with DirecPath. Its the only reason they are still in business. They have contracts with these complexes and you get pigeon holed into DirecPath. More...
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  • Horrible!!!!!

    DirectPath is the worst internet service provider I have ever had. Our apartment complex has a contract with them so we do not have the option of using any other provider. My internet has been down for a week now. I initially called early last week to schedule a service call and at first, they said that they couldn't get a technician out for another two weeks. Then they changed their story and said they could send someone on Friday between 8 am and noon. Friday rolls around and I didn't hear from them until 6 PM! Completely unacceptable. I told them they would have to come... More...
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  • Garbage customer service

    Direcpath where their customer service , technicians and supervisors are liars . Set up an appointment yesterday with Cindy gave all correct information considering she read it all back to me BUT of course the day comes for them to actually come to my home and do their damn job and everything is convienently incorrect. FIRST , My appt was scheduled between 8-1pm ,12:30 pm rolls around so I call to check the status on my technicians arrival . The rep tells me that I missed my appointment the tech came at 10:30am. Excuse me ? I've been up since 5am with a 3 week old baby. I'm... More...
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  • billing

    Apart from the fact that they have the worst internet service ever, I have not received any bills since I had direct path internet installed. I also had direct tv installed at same time and I receive my bills by mail and email notifications and I am current with my bills. At some point I tried contacting direct path to say I have not received any bills and I still did not get any response. As such, my service has been disconnected and which has conveniently disconnected my tv service as well. After contacting direct tv with the error code, they give me directpath number to request a service... More...
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  • Worse service

    NEVER USE THIS PROVIDER. I wonder how such a bad companies still on the market. I requested service and on first day I realized that Internet speed is 1Mbps instead of 12Mbps. When I call them they tried to reset line and nothing works. They willing to send engineer with potential cost of $65. I just paid for installation a day ago and now potentially have to pay more? Because of engineer was bad enough to test a connection speed? No way I cancel service and requested full money back. If they would not I`ll send dispute to institution. So again never ever use companies who can`t do job in... More...
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    LET ME START THIS BY SAYING: this is regarding DIRECPATH and NOT directv. I called to have TWO TV's installed. I moved into my place Friday. The first things I brought over were BOTH of my TV's so they could be set up with no problem. The tech SET UP ONE TV. when I called yesterday to have them come back and do my other TV (unsure why my other TV was not set up), they stated I WILL NEED TO PAY ANOTHER $100 FOR ANOTHER RECEIVER. I was SO upset, I SIGNED UP for TWO receivers and ONLY RECEIVED ONE! when I asked to speak with a supervisor SHE WAS SO RUDE TO ME and they would NOT honor... More...
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  • disconnected service

    I am current on my direct Tv bill which comes directly out my account. my services were disconnected today for inside wire protection which i cancelled last year.talked to 3 reps who all had a different version of why i am requested to pay 90 dollars to get my services restored. one rep went as far to say i never cancelled.Another said my bill is so high because i was charges 15 dollars a month in late fees. i did a conference call with direct tv and direct path and that rep had anothr version. More...
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  • DirecPath worst service company

    They are the worst provider I've ever encountered. Forced to use them in the apartments we temporarily live in. Internet goes down at least once a day - sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours. It's become so expected and normal it's not worth the time to pick up the phone anymore. The entire complex is out currently, and has been for going on five days now. "Customer Service" is a joke as they can't do anything but confirm it is down. By far the absolute worst experience with a service of any type I have ever endured. TIP: When looking into renting,... More...
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  • Terrible Internet

    I've never seen such more sorry ass company as Direcpath in my life. These niggas internet speeds is straight booty. I cant do straight jack on this bullshit. These niggas make your apartment complex sign a 10 year contract like theyre kobe bryant or some shit and torture you into having this sorry ass connection. When you talk to the customer service, they can barely speak english and have you on hold like a cheap prostitute. If you're moving to a new apartment complex and hear the words "DirecPath LLC" walk straight out of that bitch and dont look back. Fuck... More...
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  • Worst Internet Service/Customer Service

    Absolutely the WORST customer service I have ever experienced, and don't get me started on their actual internet service. We were forced into using DirecPath when we moved to our current apartment complex a couple of years ago. We had DirecTV at our previous apartment, but internet was available through AT&T. Of course, when we moved we transferred the DirecTV services, and we thought we could do the same with our internet. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We were told we had to have DirecPath due to the configurations of the buildings and the fact that we had the DirecTV... More...
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  • Lack of service!

    i had Direct TV since 2001. Best service ever!! Had to move to apt and they have contract with Directpath. I thought this is great!! Have been here almost a month and still NO service!! Nobody knows what they are doing and can't even get a manager on the line!! I WILL be calling the Houston BBC and ALL local and national TV stations to file complaints and expose this garbage company to the media!! They messed with the WRONG Granny!! More...
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  • Won't honor Direct TV packages

    I have subscribed to Direct TV for almost 15 years. Now I am moving and Direct TV offered me a new package with free Genie etc. But they cannot install. Only Direcpath can in my complex. DirectTv gave me an order number and tole me to call direcpath for installation. Immediately Direcpath informed me they would charge me $300 for the Genie, charge me for hook up, increase the rate on my package etc. And DirecTV says they can do nothing about this. It is like if you move to the southeast you must pay "protection money" to Direcpath as they are obviously scamming each and every... More...
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  • DirecPath: the worst satellite TV service provider ever!

    Try to avoid DirecPath as much as you can, so you won't be as upset as we have been since we moved to Eclipse Apartments - Houston, TX around 15 months ago. Apparently, DirecPath and this apartment complex have an agreement to share profit which is illegal. We came up to this conclusion because we were offered no option other than DirecPath for our internet and satellite tv. And it has been a nightmare since as we experience problems with tv service every single day. Sometimes, we have to reset the box at least 3-4 times a day. And recently we stayed at least 3 days without internet... More...
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  • Direcpath is the worst satellite TV service provider ever

    This is the worst satellite TV service provider ever. We've been pushed and forced to have an account with Directpath because it is the only service provider approved by Eclipse Apartments for the reason we don[t understand but we had no other option than sign a contract with this stupid company. We've been living in this lovely place and having this horrible service with Direcpath for about 15 months and every single day we have to reset the box, sometimes 3-4 times a day. It is insane. For the 3rd time now something happened to the equipment and we stayed at least 3 days each... More...
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  • Scam, Fraud

    I called last week to get an issue corrected and now it's been a week. I've been lied to by supervisors andstaff. I'm curious to why direct tv has any affiliation with Direct Path. I had to pay twice for receivers which i thought was totally unfair. I also had numerous supervisors lie and shift the blame on direct tv. I need to speak with someone who is in charge and can speak English. More...
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  • Direcpath

    This company should be taken out of business. I've been a customer for about 6 months when I was given no option by the complex where I moved, but to take Direcpath. Service was installed but it did not work. They even said that I would be charged for sending a technician. When the service works, is slow and very unstable. In a 6 month period, I've lost my service on 4 occasions. Second time I lost service, a technician was scheduled to come between 12 and 7. After making arrangements to be home within that time frame, the technician never came. Never called to cancel or... More...
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  • Fraudsters and Thieves Direct Path sucks!!!!

    This company and the service sucks tremendously!!!! This is absolutely a rip off company that should be taken out of the face of the earth. I believe there have to be something to do to get this company out of business because their practice is a fraud. I had to pay this cons a month of internet in advance before the technician installed the service!!! I paid and guess what?? I have no internet service most of the time specially at night times!!! I have 10 megabytes which for what I use it is more than enough. I suggest we all get together and present a joint lawsuit and take this people... More...
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  • DirecPath & DirecTV

    My wife & I just downsized to a high rise. What should have been many years of maintenance free living is starting to look like it's going to be miserable. I'm so mad that I don't even know where to begin. Basically, DirecPath's technician didn't install my equipment correctly, so I'm not getting the HD channels that I'm paying for. He was several hours late (7:00 pm arrival) for a "between 1 & 5" window. I had taken the day off in case he could come earlier. So that was a wasted day. Then DirecTV said that I was qualified for a free... More...
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  • DirecPath -HORRIBLE

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! Do NOT waste your f***ing money with this company! I hate having to use this provider. They overcharge you for extremely shitty and flaky service. I didn't have internet for 3 weeks this month and they refused to give me a credit! I had to call 18 times (4 of those I talked to morons, the other 14 times I was told I would have to wait 60 mins on the phone and hold..) When I flat out asked for a credit they basically told me no and that I hadn't complained enough??? completely absurd. All this company cares about is taking peoples money. The only... More...
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  • DirecPath Service Rip-Off

    After 3 weeks and 3 "technician" visits to fix our internet service which only worked sporadically after midnight and only on weekdays, direcpath promised to credit my account for the time we had no service. when they charged us the full amount the following month, I called to remind them that they "forgot" we had no service and needed to be credited for those weeks. I was told they would credit us within 60 days, and I must pay the full bill now even though I had NO SERVICE FOR 3 WEEKS! I wonder if employees of DirecPath pay bills for services they don't receive! I... More...
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  • DirecPath Waiting for callback for 7 days

    I am not sure if DirecPath is a fraud but I too like so many people I have read reviews from have had a issue with the Direcpath I've been waiting for 7 days for corporate person to call me back which I still have received a phone call back I still don't have internet and apparently it's not anything that they're concerned with because they all seem very robotic and repeat the same thing to me which is "well I'm sorry that you're having this problem" " I apologize for the inconvenience" but they have yet to resolve issues. I'm still... More...
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  • Avoid them at all costs!!!

    I had them installed yesterday: Already I am regretting it. First - I got the 'courtesy call' that the installer would be there in 45 minutes. 1.5 hours AFTER the 45 minutes passed, still no show. He finally showed up 2 hours AFTER they said he would be there 'within 45 minutes.'. So today...my cable goes out during a storm. I expect those disruptions: It's florida, and your cable goes out for 5 - 10 minutes during the rain. However...6 hours LATER - it still doesn't work. I call direcpath. Of course, their script tells them to begin every sentence... More...
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  • Continuous issues with internet and cable services

    I have had the unfortunate experience of being q DirecPath customer since February 23,2014 - today is June 15, 2014. I have just scheduled what will be the 6TH service call to 'resolve and repair' (HA) my issues. The service or lack of I should say is beyond horrible. The entire experience of dealing with your company is frustrating and infuriating - it begins with the initial phone call to speak with a representative and continues through the remaining process with the end result being either the issue continues or worsens or another develops. To say I am dissatisfied is an... More...
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  • direcpath - the WORSE Internet and Cable Co. money gets wasted on

    I unfortunately am stuck with direcpath as it is the only company serviced by my apartment community. Had I have known that incompetence ran rampant (beginning with customer service agents, to technicians to service) with direcpath, as much as I love my apartment, I would have chosen a different community. I have had service or rather a lack of, with direcpath since February 23,2014, today is June 15, 2015 and I have already had 5 service technicians come out to "fix" my issues with either internet and/or cable, and have just made an appointment for a 6th service call. I am beyond... More...
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  • DirecPath is beyond horrible

    This company only gets business through penny pincher apartment buildings, otherwise no individual in their right mind would willingly choose this pathetic cable company unless they hated themselves and felt the need to be punished through paying for nothing. i hope they get bought out by a better company so i'm no longer forced to use them. More...
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  • Horrible Experience

    Absolutely horrible experience with DIRECPATH. First, what kind of business model is it where you don't come to install services on the weekends or after 5pm? What are people with real jobs supposed to do? Waste a day of their vacation? Second, you don't even offer the router for wireless internet. Who even uses a direct connection anymore? Not only that, but you completely deceived me into believing the internet service I was receiving and paying for was wireless. I haven't even had this service for more than 2 weeks and I am beyond infuriated. If I could choose another... More...
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  • No Internet Service for a WEEK!!!!

    My Internet has been out for a week. I first called last weekend and the technician came out Tuesday. The Internet was still out at 5:00 pm after he left the complex. My Internet came on Wednesday Morning briefly and went out again. I need someone out to fix this problem immediately. I work from home teaching online classes, and I take courses online. This problem is costing me money and a host of problems. As far as I'm concerned this is a breach of the service contract I have with DirectPath. I would like my bill to reflect that I was not provided service since March 21,... More...
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  • Final Bill

    So after being good and dealing with Directpath 10mg speed internet at my apartment for a year I found a surprisingly bad sales scheme on the final bill. So, I called yesterday, to tell the company to disconnect my service when I move out in 25 days. It is when my service is up and done and all should have been good. My bills are paid for. Right? So, directpath tells me that I called two days too late. That the next bill was generated and must be paid, even though I won't be around to use it. They say: since the bill for the next month was generated before I called to cancel my service... More...
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  • Horrible Company

    We are required to go through this company for DirecTV because of our apartment complex. Every time they go in the box for our building they disconnect our satelite and we have to go without tv. Today is Friday and it has happened again and they won't send anyone out until Tuesday. This has happened about 4 times in the last month and a half. Their customer service is horrible!!!!! More...
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  • Lying to Customers/Horrible Company to work with!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. What and Who is DiecPath. My daughter moved into an apt in the middle of a well populated technology advanced area of Atlanta, only to find out she can't get Comcast, AT&T or any other provider outside of DirecPath. They have horrible customer service, they are a third party provider of DirectTV, and they lie constanly. Legally, how can one Provider be exclusive to an Apt Complex in Atlanta. Somebody is getting paid on the side for this apparent exclusitivty. They try to tell me (a telecom engineer), that facilities are not there for the other providers. SERIOUSLY????? The APT... More...
  • Horrible Internet and Customer Service

    First off, for some unbelievable reason, DirecPath (a rinky-dink company) has forced the beheamoth DirecTV to go through them for installations in certain communities so when I went to move my DirecTV service I actually had to call DirecPath. They came out and installed the service allright and told me about their internet service. I figured 10Mpbs was better than 6 which is all that AT&T could offer inside the Isles at Weston community since Comcast wasn't allowed in. What a horrible mistake I made, at the slightest sign of rain the service goes out. After sweet-talking one of... More...
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  • Internet and cable customer service the worst

    Don'r use them ever, they have the worst customer service ever. They don't know anything about their service. Each one giving me a different information. I was asking them about the internet coming with my apartment, the first one told me that the service is already their and it will be activated on Monday that was Saturday, then Called them on Monday the rude lady on the phone tolled me it will be on Tuesday and she started to telling me when I called and what they tolled in a rude way. She made really mad because after calling them several time each one telling me a different... More...
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  • Horrible Internet and Company

    WARNING !!!!!This company is in my book a scam! They gauge prices in a contract for apartment complexes. They charge almost 4 times the amount the competition does. They offer no special offers EXCEPT if you bundle internet, tv, and phone they will give you $5 off....maybe. They take 60 days to setup auto payments, not sure if they have that in the fine print now but they did not when I signed up. I also contacted them when I noticed my bill was $15 over what it normally was and they said because I did not pay on time when it was the processing department that took over 60 days to set... More...
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    I have had terrible customer service AND internet service. I was set up to have my service re-connected today on July 29th (Talked to "Mike"). So today the 29th I called (Talked to Christine) to find out why they have not yet showed to then find out that they never actually set it up for the 29th...but instead the 31st. But she then told me that actually they cannot come until the 1st. I asked for their supervisor to inform them that there are some issues and she would not put me through to anyone. I assume in fear of getting caught not helping people. Christine and Mike did not... More...
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  • Error Code 775

    I've only been with DirectPath/DirectTV for approx. a month. I have call DiretTV and they tell me that there is a Satellite Communication Box that needs to be reset or powered on. I tell them I have no such box and been told again and again that there has to be one in order to receive reception. Well, I learn that someone else might have the box and is switching it off or is unplugging it. This is no way to supply your customers with service. This has been going on any where from once to three times a week being without reception. It needs to be resolved. More...
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  • direcpath service

    If you are thinkinging of using direcpath and you have any other choices DONT CHOOSE DIRECPATH the customer service is for lack of a better word SORRY I called on a Friday afternoon with mt tv out and the earlest they could provide me service is Monday this after I upgraded with some movie channels on thursday stay away if you can if you dont and your reading this you have nobody to blame but yourself Kevin Corrick More...
    (Cable TV)
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  • Direct Path

    I have been with DirecTV for more than 10 years. Just previously move to an apartment complex that only allows Direct Path to installed the services. DirecTV Should be ashamed to have a company like this affiliated with them, Brand Preservation is Vital and Direct Path HAVE ZERO INTEGRITY. THE ABSOLUTE WORSE. I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.......... More...
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lgaiter says: (4 years ago)
Direct Path is the worst ISP on the planet was forced to leave At&t because the apartment complex I moved in only use Direc Path. My service went out and it took them a week and a half to fix my internet with At&t and Comcast you have a set appointment time with direct path they want working people to stay home and they don’t work on the weekends. After play hit and miss with the technicians I had to take my daughter to the library to finish her school project and I’m paying $47.15 a month for a service I don’t have! The supervisor promised me one month free. I called back and verified with a customer service rep from the Philippines that I was getting this one month free credit she confirmed that they would not be taken this payment out of my bank. Guess what happened today $47.15 was taken out of my account anyway called and spoke with a manager by the name of Kelly I asked for a telephone number for someone in the corporate office she said they don’t give out that number and gave me an address and she told me there e was nothing she can do they would not refund my money and the credit may take place in June! I asked her to remove my credit card she told me no! That she will have the corporate offices remove it. I have worked in call centers for over 15 years and I have never provided the customer service that this company is providing I truly hope that the compliance office pull these calls to see how this company is being represented .The manage Kelley need people skills and empathy training. If you promise a customer something the company should hold their end I pay my bill so I expect good service and by the way the internet service is horrible there is no way I’m getting the speed that they are promising the only time I don’t buffer is 2am I the morning I know that this may not be on the CEO level but someone needs to really take a look at what your customers are saying!

lgaiter says: (4 years ago)
Direct Path is the worst ISP on the planet was forced to leave At&t because the apartment complex I moved in only use Direc Path. My service went out and it took them a week and a half to fix my internet with At&t and Comcast you have a set appointment time with direct path they want working people to stay home and they don’t work on the weekends. After play hit and miss with the technicians I had to take my daughter to the library to finish her school project and I’m paying $47.15 a month for a service I don’t have! The supervisor promised me one month free. I called back and verified with a customer service rep from the Philippines that I was getting this one month free credit she confirmed that they would not be taken this payment out of my bank. Guess what happened today $47.15 was taken out of my account anyway called and spoke with a manager by the name of Kelly I asked for a telephone number for someone in the corporate office she said they don’t give out that number and gave me an address and she told me there e was nothing she can do they would not refund my money and the credit may take place in June! I asked her to remove my credit card she told me no! That she will have the corporate offices remove it. I have worked in call centers for over 15 years and I have never provided the customer service that this company is providing I truly hope that the compliance office pull these calls to see how this company is being represented .The manage Kelley need people skills and empathy training. If you promise a customer something the company should hold their end I pay my bill so I expect good service and by the way the internet service is horrible there is no way I’m getting the speed that they are promising the only time I don’t buffer is 2am I the morning I know that this may not be on the CEO level but someone needs to really take a look at what your customers are saying!

adw76 says: (4 years ago)
Direcpath is by far the MOST craptacular company on the face of the planet. I lost internet and television service for almost two weeks, made appointments to have someone come out to check it, been stood up since neither customer service or the repainrman did not even call to tell me he wasn't coming, been cursed at by someone at customer service, had a manager named ROSE promise to address it and call me back, called again when she did not call, submitted another complaint, and STILL haven't been called or had my bill adjusted. If ever there was a reason to switch to AT&T, Dish, or any of the other companies with BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE, this would be it. I'm actually considering making the switch...

andrewski24 says: (6 years ago)
It seems DirecPath's customer base is only with people who are forced into dealing with them, not by choice. I called several times to get pricing and either couldn't get through within 30 minutes or when I did on two occasions they gave me different prices on the packages. I have a pretty good credit score, I haven't had to pay a deposit in many years for anything. I was told they could not pull up my credit twice before I told them we wouldn't continue anymore until they could. After about two seconds (no joke) my credit report magically appeared. Apparently they had to refresh the system. Hmm, tell customers they have shitty credit and get another $300 - $500 out of them, or do the right thing and let their credit be the judge? This company is shady, the shadiest of the shadiest. They lie like dogs to get an extra dime out of you. I called in after setting up forced service with them and I got offered insurance at least a dozen times. At this point on the phone with them, I am belligerent. No, I don't need your scammy insurance - Thanks. Oh yeah, and installation (Which is advertised as free on directv.com) starts out at $120 with them. After half an hour of 'supervisors' and floor managers, we got it whittled down to $24. They charge stupid fees on a whim of whose a sucker and who's not going to put up with it. Be an asshole on the phone, it feels like crap to have to be one to another person, but you have to fight with these people to be treated fairly.

thomas32 says: (6 years ago)
I've had Direcpath for a year now. My apartment complex (Stillwood Farms in Newnan, Ga)gives no other choices except Direcpath. They have never been able to resolve my satellite reception issues and I fired them today. Now stuck with paying a $200 early termination fee. I went to Walmart and bought a digital tv antenna and will be more than happy with the few channels that I can now pick up free with out the headaches of poor reception. Direcpath is a fly by night operation with technicians who couldn't troubleshoot spilled water.

DenisaBoss says: (6 years ago)
I have been in the telecom industry for 25 years now and I have had my share of service issues on business and residental side of the house but this company takes the cake for the lack of service they provide and charge you for the privilage. I have mave to this damn highend apartment complex Bella Vida at Coyote Ridge and they have an agreement with DirecPath and get this Bella Vida is very pricey upscale multi housing property and because of this sorry DirecPath you can not even have HD channels but move to the hood in south Dallas and you can have HD this is 2011 what the hell... I call them because my service went out on all 3 receivers at 2:00pm today first I held for 23 mins the first time before someone answered hanging up on me then 2nd time was dropped after being on the phone for 17 mins going through their little unplug this do this shit knowing there was no point because the problem isn't in my appartment. Then while scheduling an appointment I was dropped. I call back to be told that they need a 55 dollar deposit to come out on service. So not only do I not have service but now they want more money are they F---in stupid. Today is Wednesday and they do not have an appointment until Friday but wait I can't miss work and pay their asses, so now there is no appoiuntment until Monday. What the hell. I have lived here 2 1/2 months and have 10 more to go God help me I may just have to break my lease. Someone should go in and fire everyone at this company starting at the top then hire people that have a customer service attitude. Run Run as fast you can away when any property has an agreement with DirecPath THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryius says: (7 years ago)
This is a typical DirectPath call:

direcpathuser says: (7 years ago)
Even if this is the only service available, please don't take it.. Its as good as not having one, and you will have saved yourself some money each month...A visit by the technician to address any problems you have will only get postponed every time.. Wonder how are they still in business, and shame on time warner or any other service provider for having a contract with them to not serve in the areas where these hopelessly ridiculous company serves..

omayas says: (7 years ago)
DirecPath sucks! It sucks that it's forced on you. The only other option is mobile broadband. I get better speeds tethering WiFi from my Verizon Wireless phone..

installer says: (8 years ago)
have spent 19 years working with all types of comm. companies,phone cable directv,dishnetworkand now work with direcpath.All these companies have there tricks to make the sale and bad customer service centers depending on the problem. I'm just glad that all the people complaining never had to be trained to do there jobs and where born pros at what they do.......hahaha I just ask these people to remember this when i'm the customer at there buss. THANKS

VictimOfDirecpath says: (8 years ago)
This company should be shut down!!!! I have never dealt with such horrible service. I am fighting with them about a protection plan that I did not sign up for. They keep saying they are going to review the recorded conversation, and I say "please!! You can do it with me on the phone", they keep telling me that they will call back. Two months and 3 phone calls and the issue is still not resolved! SHITY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btekab says: (8 years ago)
Man this is the worst internet provider ever. I have lived in 4 states and many many apartments but never seen anything so bad. U will be better off with dialup :) at least those work all the time. If U have a choice don't ever sign with these guys, any kind of DSL is better evenif it is slower. Since DirecPath was forced on me by the complex, I had to get DSL in addition since it will never work correctly for a whole week, either it will go down or the latency will be really bad. So when it goes down I literally swap the cable with the DSL and go on till it comes back later on. Customer service is so bad their solution to everything is reboot the modem, so be ware before U sign ...

prodirecpath says: (9 years ago)
service is great in our complex... low cost patient reps... i was very angry saying bad words but they never hung up on me unlike my old provider's reps :) keep it up Direcpath

Scottrose3 says: (9 years ago)
DirecPath is the definition of shitty customer service. I even was able to make a big enough stink w/ my complex to be able to get the " Customer Relations Manager" for my region and I've actually spoken w/ him and he's said that they've had a re-structuring since opening in NC. His title is essentially the #2 man in the company next to the CEO (according to him). He said that they are prepared for the digital switch but I doubted him. Looks like I'm right again. Here's his name and number for those who want to join my rant! Ron Hinton Customer Relations Manager w/ the Advocacy Group, with DirecPath. His number is 404-961-7041. I got his voice mail this morning (not surprising) but it was worth the shot. Couldn't get any worse than the non-customer service that you get from the regular line right?


atlgirl15 says: (9 years ago)
DirecPath has horrible customer service. I would never recommend them to anyone.

cladia says: (9 years ago)
customer service is great...they helped me a lot about my problems... yeah encountered many problems but its what it is,,.. thats ok because customer reps are very helpful

gretta says: (9 years ago)
Direcpath representatives are very accommodating. I had a great experience with them.

bubblygirl says: (9 years ago)
very good costumer service!

iminay says: (9 years ago)
This company is the worst around. DO not fall for their tricks, and too be honest, I wouldn't get an appartment if this is the only company they have for internet and television services.

jh4521 says: (9 years ago)
My apartment complex has a contract with them. They are AWFUL. Their cable service is constantly out, and their customer service on the phone is awful.

Dogboy says: (9 years ago)
Direcpath took an order for HD service on Aug 28 and immediately billed my CC for the equipment. The tech came out and couldn't get a signal to the other HD satellite - np. The tech took the reciever back since he couldn't get a signal. Direcpath shows a credit for $311.95 on my account, but since I pay Directv for my service and not Direcpath, they agreed to credit my card for the $311.95. The lady I spoke with said the refund would hit my card in a week. Now it's almost the end of December and I haven't seen anything from them. They've promised anywhere between 1 week to 4-6 weeks. Avoid these people if you can.

joshnvz says: (9 years ago)
You guys are a shitty company...

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